PackageDigitalSignature Properties

The PackageDigitalSignature type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property CertificateEmbeddingOption Gets the X.509 certificate embedding option.
Public property Signature Gets or sets the XML digital signature.
Public property SignaturePart Gets the PackagePart that contains the signature.
Public property SignatureType Gets the URI string that identifies the signature type. 
Public property SignatureValue Gets the encrypted hash value of the Signature.
Public property SignedParts Gets a collection of all the PackagePart objects signed with the signature.
Public property SignedRelationshipSelectors Gets the list of the PackageRelationship parts that have been signed with the signature.
Public property Signer Gets the X.509 certificate of the signer.
Public property SigningTime Gets the date and time that the signature was created.
Public property TimeFormat Gets the format of the date and time returned by the SigningTime property.
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