How to: Select the Active Test Settings from Microsoft Visual Studio

After you create or edit test settings, the details are saved to a file. You can then make one of your saved test settings active. Only one test settings can be active at a time. The active test settings is the setting that the test engine uses when it runs tests. Your choice of an active test settings is maintained from one user session to the next.

  • In Solution Explorer, open the shortcut menu for the .testsettings file in your solution that you want to use and select Active Load and Web Test Settings.

    Set active test setting load and Web performance
  • This test settings will now be used when you run Web performance or load tests.

  • On the Test menu, choose Test Settings and then choose Select Test Settings File.

    Set active test settings file Unit and Coded UI

    The Open Settings dialog box displays

  • Navigate to the test settings file and choose Open.

  • This test settings will now be used when you run unit or coded UI tests.

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