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Working with Version Control Workspaces

A workspace is a set of client-side folders on the local disk mapped to version-controlled folders on the Team Foundation version control server. You can change version-controlled items in the client-side work folders without changing the version-controlled items on the server. Changes are marked as pending changes in the local workspace. When you perform a check-in operation, you commit client-side changes to the server's source control folder.

You can synchronize your workspace with the most recently checked-in changes on the server by using the Get Latest Version menu-command.

If you want to have multiple copies of source-controlled items on your computer, you can create more than one workspace for a specific source control server.

Version Control Workspaces and Mapping

Provides an overview of source control workspaces and mapped working folders.

How to: Create a Mapped Workspace

Describes the steps used to create a workspace.

How to: Create a Workspace from the Command-Line

Describes the steps used to create a workspace from the tf command-line utility.

How to: Add and Remove a Working Folder in a Workspace

Explains the steps that are used to add and remove working folders in a workspace.

How to: Modify a Workspace

Explains the steps that are used to modify an existing workspace.

How to: Cloak and Uncloak Folders in a Workspace

Explains the steps used to cloak and uncloak folders in a workspace.

How to: Remove a Workspace

Describes the steps that are used to remove a workspace.

How to: Undo Changes in Another User's Workspace

Describes how to undo pending changes in another user's workspace.

Getting a Local Copy of Files from the Version Control Server

Provides information about retrieving source control files and folders for a team project associated with a local workspace.

Team Foundation Version Control Walkthroughs

Lists walkthroughs which explore using source control, customizing a source control check-in, and using source control from the command line.

Administering Team Foundation Version Control

Lists topics that apply to administrators of Team Foundation version control.

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