Microsoft.VisualStudio.VSHelp80 Namespace

Microsoft.VisualStudio.VSHelp80 contains the objects and members for Visual Studio Help Integration.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.VSHelp80 extends Microsoft.VisualStudio.VSHelp.

  Class Description
Public class vsHelpSearchFilterTransforms Search filter transform names.

  Interface Description
Public interface Help2 The interface that supports Document Explorer.
Public interface IVsHelpFavorites Infrastructure. Microsoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface SVsHelpFavorites Infrastructure. Microsoft Internal Use Only.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration __vsAskQuestionFlags Flags that supply conditions for a question or feedback.
Public enumeration __vsHelpDisplayUrlFlags Display flags.
Public enumeration __vsHelpUrlFromTopicIDFlags GUID navigation flags.
Public enumeration __vsSearchFlags Search terms used specify search parameters.
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