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Microsoft.VisualStudio.Tools.Applications.Deployment Namespace

The Microsoft.VisualStudio.Tools.Applications.Deployment namespace contains the IAddInPostDeploymentAction interface (which you can implement to create a post deployment action for an Office solution), exceptions that can be thrown when installing an Office solution, and other APIs that are part of the Visual Studio infrastructure.

  Class Description
Public class AddInDeploymentArguments Infrastructure.
Public class AddInDownloadedArgs Infrastructure.
Public class AddInDownloadingArgs Infrastructure.
Public class AddInDownloadProgressChangedArgs Infrastructure.
Public class AddInInformation Infrastructure.
Public class AddInInstalledArgs Infrastructure.
Public class AddInInstallingArgs Infrastructure.
Public class AddInManifestsDownloadedArgs Infrastructure.
Public class AddInManifestsDownloadingArgs Infrastructure.
Public class AddInOfflineArgs Infrastructure.
Public class AddInPostDeploymentActionArgs The arguments passed to a class that implements IAddInPostDeploymentAction.
Public class AddInProcessAbortArgs Infrastructure.
Public class AddInUninstalledArgs Infrastructure.
Public class AddInUninstallingArgs Infrastructure.
Public class ClickOnceAddInTrustEvidence Infrastructure.

  Interface Description
Public interface IAddInPostDeploymentAction Represents a post-deployment action, which can perform additional installation steps as the final step in a ClickOnce installer.
Public interface IClickOnceAddInCancelableInstaller Infrastructure.
Public interface IClickOnceAddInInstaller Infrastructure.
Public interface IClickOnceAddInTrustManager Infrastructure.
Public interface IClickOnceAddInTrustManagerSettings Infrastructure.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AddInInstallationStatus Infrastructure.
Public enumeration ClickOnceAddInDownloadProgressState Infrastructure.
Public enumeration ClickOnceAddInPromptingLevel Infrastructure.
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