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Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.Classification Namespace

  Class Description
Public class ClassificationChangedEventArgs Provides information for the ClassificationChanged event.
Public class ClassificationFormatDefinition Provides classification format information for a particular classification type.
Public class ClassificationSpan Describes a region of text classified by an IClassificationType.
Public class ClassificationTypeAttribute Provides the name for a logical classification type and the name of a classification type from which it is derived.
Public class ClassificationTypeDefinition Describes a data-only export for declaring classification types.
Public class EditorFormatDefinition Provides format information for a particular item.
Public class FormatItemsEventArgs Provides information for the FormatMappingChanged event.
Public class MarkerFormatDefinition Provides coloring information for text markers.
Public class Priority Represents the built-in priorities for a classification format.
Public class UserVisibleAttribute Determines whether an export should be visible to the user.

  Interface Description
Public interface IClassificationFormatMap Maps from a IClassificationType to a TextFormattingRunProperties object.
Public interface IClassificationFormatMapService Looks up a classification format map for a given view.
Public interface IClassificationType The logical classification type of a span of text.
Public interface IClassificationTypeRegistryService The service that maintains the collection of all known classification types.
Public interface IClassifier Assigns IClassificationType objects to the text in a ITextBuffer.
Public interface IClassifierAggregatorService A service that returns an IClassifier that aggregates and normalizes all IClassifier contributions for a ITextBuffer.
Public interface IClassifierProvider Creates a classifier for a given ITextBuffer in the given environment.
Public interface IEditorFormatMap Maps from arbitrary keys to a ResourceDictionary.
Public interface IEditorFormatMapService Looks up a format map for a given view role.
Public interface IViewClassifierAggregatorService A service that returns an IClassifier that aggregates and normalizes all the classifiers for all the text buffers in the buffer graph of a particular ITextView.
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