Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITesting.WindowsRuntimeControls Namespace

Visual Studio 2013

  Class Description
Public class XamlButton Represents a Xaml Button control.
Public class XamlButton.PropertyNames Contains the property names of XamlButton
Public class XamlCheckBox Represents a Xaml CheckBox control.
Public class XamlCheckBox.PropertyNames Contains the property names of XamlCheckBox.
Public class XamlComboBox Represents a WinDotNet combo box control.
Public class XamlComboBox.PropertyNames Contains the property names of WinDotNetComboBox.
Public class XamlControl Represents a Xaml control.
Public class XamlControl.PropertyNames Contains property names common to all Xaml controls.
Public class XamlEdit Represents a Xaml edit control.
Public class XamlEdit.PropertyNames Contains property names of XamlEdit.
Public class XamlFlipView Represents a Xaml FlipView control.
Public class XamlFlipView.PropertyNames Contains property names of XamlFlipView.
Public class XamlFlipViewItem Represents a Xaml FlipViewItem control.
Public class XamlFlipViewItem.PropertyNames Contains property names of XamlFlipViewItem.
Public class XamlHub
Public class XamlHub.PropertyNames
Public class XamlHubSection
Public class XamlHubSection.PropertyNames
Public class XamlHyperlink
Public class XamlHyperlink.PropertyNames
Public class XamlList Represents a Xaml List control.
Public class XamlList.PropertyNames Contains property names of XamlList.
Public class XamlListItem Represents a Xaml list item control.
Public class XamlListItem.PropertyNames Contains property names of XamlListItem.
Public class XamlMenu
Public class XamlMenu.PropertyNames
Public class XamlMenuItem
Public class XamlMenuItem.PropertyNames
Public class XamlProgressBar Represents a Xaml Progress bar control.
Public class XamlProgressBar.PropertyNames Contains property names of XamlProgressBar.
Public class XamlRadioButton Represents a Xaml radio button control.
Public class XamlRadioButton.PropertyNames Contains property names of XamlRadioButton.
Public class XamlSemanticZoom Represents a Xaml SemanticZoom control.
Public class XamlSemanticZoom.PropertyNames
Public class XamlSlider Represents a Xaml Slider.
Public class XamlSlider.PropertyNames Contains property names common to all Xaml controls.
Public class XamlText Represents a Xaml Text control.
Public class XamlText.PropertyNames
Public class XamlToggleButton Represents a Xaml toggle button control.
Public class XamlToggleButton.PropertyNames Contains property names of XamlToggleButton.
Public class XamlToggleSwitch Represents a Xaml toggle switch control.
Public class XamlToggleSwitch.PropertyNames Contains property names of XamlToggleSwitch.
Public class XamlWebView Represents a XamlWebView control.
Public class XamlWebView.PropertyNames Contains the property names of XamlWebView
Public class XamlWindow
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