Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Design.Serialization Namespace

  Class Description
Public class ConfigurationHelperService A service used by the settings UI in Visual Studio to read and write client settings into the app.config configuration file. It stores user-customizable settings in XML format
Public class DesignerDocDataService Provides a way to create and retrieve buffers for various files in the project.
Public class DocData A wrapper around a DocData object that provides additional features.
Public class DocDataTextReader Derives from TextReader and provides a standard mechanism for reading from a Visual Studio text buffer.
Public class DocDataTextWriter Provides a standard System.IO mechanism for writing to a Visual Studio text buffer.
Public class LocalizationProviderService A designer serialization provider that adds extended properties to support localization.
Public class ProvideDesignerLoaderAttribute Place this attribute on a class that is derived from DesignerLoader to associate the class with a particular language service or file extension.
Public class ProvideGeneratorAttribute Registers the given code generator for Visual Basic and Visual C# projects when added to a Package-derived class or a class that implements IVsPackage.
Public class RelatedDocDataCollection A strongly-typed collection that stores document data objects.
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