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How to: Create a Procedure that Returns a Value 

You use a Function procedure to return a value to the calling code.

To create a procedure that returns a value

  1. Outside any other procedure, use a Function statement, followed by an End Function statement.

  2. In the Function statement, follow the Function keyword with the name of the procedure, and then the parameter list in parentheses.

  3. Follow the parentheses with an As clause to specify the data type of the returned value.

  4. Place the procedure's code statements between the Function and End Function statements.

  5. Use a Return statement to return the value to the calling code.

    The following Function procedure calculates the longest side, or hypotenuse, of a right triangle, given the values for the other two sides.

    Function hypotenuse(ByVal side1 As Single, ByVal side2 As Single) As Single
        Return Math.Sqrt((side1 ^ 2) + (side2 ^ 2))
    End Function

    The following example shows a typical call to hypotenuse.

    Dim testLength, testHypotenuse As Single
    testHypotenuse = hypotenuse(testLength, 10.7)

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