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Load Test Walkthroughs

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To determine how well software responds to various levels of usage, you can create and run load tests. To learn how to create a load test that contains either a Web performance test or a unit test, you can perform the procedures covered in the following walkthroughs.


  • Visual Studio Ultimate


Associated Topics

Create a load test that includes a Web performance test:   This walkthrough has dependencies on the steps in Walkthrough: Creating a Simple Web App and Walkthrough: Recording and Running a Web Performance Test.

In these two dependent walkthroughs, you create a simple Web application and a Web performance test.

Create a load test that includes a unit test:   This walkthrough has dependencies on the steps inWalkthrough: Creating and Running Unit Tests for Managed Code.

In this dependent walkthrough, you create a simple C# class library that contains a Web performance and load test project with some unit tests.

Web Performance Test Walkthroughs

To learn the fundamentals of Web performance tests, you can step through a series of walkthroughs that demonstrate how to create a simple Web application and then how to create and modify a Web performance test for it.

Walkthrough: Using the Virtual User Activity Chart to Isolate Issues

Learn how to analyze the virtual user details associated with your load test.

Walkthrough: Using a Test Controller and Test Agents in a Load Test

Learn the procedures used to include test controllers and test agents to distribute the load test across multiple machines.

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