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PredefinedTextViewRoles Fields

The PredefinedTextViewRoles type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public field Static member Analyzable Applies to text views of entities that can be analyzed for errors or other information (such as "quick info").
Public field Static member CodeDefinitionView The predefined role used for code definition windows.
Public field Static member Debuggable Applies to text views of entities in which the debugger can display information at runtime.
Public field Static member Document Applies to text views of entities, typically stored in files, that have a definite first line and last line. This excludes entities such as output logs or textual displays of data that are presented in a form.
Public field Static member Editable Applies to text views that can be changed using the keyboard.
Public field Static member EmbeddedPeekTextView The predefined role used for text views embedded within a containing text view.
Public field Static member Interactive Applies to text views with which the user can interact using the mouse and/or keyboard. Views that are not interactive cannot display a caret or a selection and cannot have keyboard input.
Public field Static member PreviewTextView The predefined role used for the preview window created by the enhanced scroll bar.
Public field Static member PrimaryDocument Applies to text views of documents that are open for mainline editing, excluding auxiliary views of documents.
Public field Static member Structured Applies to text views of entities that have internal structure that should be exposed by editor facilities such as Outlining.
Public field Static member Zoomable Applies to text views of entities that allow the user to perform zooming operations.
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