Entity Framework Provider (ADO.NET Data Services)

Like ADO.NET Data Services, the ADO.NET Entity Framework is based on the Entity Data Model, which is a type of entity-relationship model. The Entity Framework translates operations against its implementation of the Entity Data Model, which is called the conceptual model, into equivalent operations against a data source. This makes the Entity Framework an ideal provider for data services that are based on relational data, and any database that has a data provider that supports the Entity Framework can be used with ADO.NET Data Services. For a list of the data sources that currently support the Entity Framework, see Third-Party Providers for the Entity Framework.

In a conceptual model, the entity container is the root of the service. You must define a conceptual model in the Entity Framework before the data can be exposed by a data service. For more information, see How to: Create a Data Service Using an ADO.NET Entity Framework Data Source (ADO.NET Data Services).

To learn more about the Entity Framework, see Introducing the Entity Framework.

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