Silverlight Debugging Reference for Windows

The functions described in this section support debugging Silverlight-based applications that are running on the Windows operating system.

GetStartupNotificationEvent Function

Creates or opens an event handle that will be signaled upon by any common language runtime (CLR) that is loading in the specified target process.

EnumerateCLRs Function

Provides a mechanism for enumerating the CLRs in a process.

CloseCLREnumeration Function

Closes any valid CLR continue-startup events located in an array of handles returned by the EnumerateCLRs function, and frees the memory for the handle and string path arrays.

CreateVersionStringFromModule Function

Creates a version string from a CLR path in a target process.

CreateDebuggingInterfaceFromVersion Function for Silverlight

Accepts a CLR version string returned from CreateVersionStringFromModule function, and returns a corresponding debugger interface (typically, ICorDebug).

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