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Adding AJAX Functionality to ASP.NET Controls

The topics in this section provide tutorials and examples for creating ASP.NET Web server controls and client components that are based on the Microsoft AJAX Library.

Creating an Extender Control to Associate a Client Behavior with a Web Server Control

Shows how to create a server-based extender control that attaches a client behavior to other Web server controls.

Adding Client Capabilities to a Web Server Control

Shows how to create an ASP.NET Web server control that includes client functionality.

Creating Client Components and Controls

Lists tutorials for creating client components that are based on the Microsoft AJAX Library.

Creating Custom Non-Visual Client Components

Describes the differences between client component types, and shows how to create custom non-visual client components.

Creating Custom AJAX Client Controls

Describes how to create a client component that represents a DOM element as a client object and that changes the DOM element's regular behavior to provide new functionality.

Creating a Client Component Class Using the Prototype Model

Describes how to use the JavaScript prototype model to create a component class.

Defining Custom Component Properties and Raising PropertyChanged Events

Describes how to create component properties that notify the developer when their values change.

Releasing Component Resources

Describes how to safely dispose a component, including how to release any resources that it is holding in order to free memory.

Creating Custom Client Events

Describes how to create a custom client event and add the event to the client page life cycle.

How to: Determine Whether ASP.NET AJAX Functionality is Available

Describes how to determine whether ASP.NET AJAX functionality is available so that custom controls and script-registration code can take appropriate action based on the capability of the hosting environment.

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