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One-To-Many Report Wizard

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Creates a report that groups records from a parent table with records from a child table. The wizard prompts you with simple questions as you go through a brief series of steps, in which you specify the table and fields that you want to use to create controls on your report.

To run the One-To-Many Report Wizard

  1. From the Wizards submenu on the Tools menu, choose Report.
  2. In the Wizard Selection dialog box, choose One-To-Many Report Wizard.

Wizard Steps

One-To-Many Report Wizard: Step 1 - Select Parent Table Fields
One-To-Many Report Wizard: Step 2 - Select Child Table Fields
One-To-Many Report Wizard:Step 3 – Relate Tables
One-To-Many Report Wizard:Step 4 – Sort Records
One-To-Many Report Wizard:Step 5 - Choose Report Style
One-To-Many Report Wizard:Step 6 - Finish

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