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Alternative approach to localize a WPF application (WPF Globalization and Localization Overview)
An alternative approach to the usage of the “not-production ready” tool LocBaml are the “old” ResX files which are well supported by Visual Studio. Furthermore, the advantage of the approach shown above doesn’t work any more if you need to sign your assemblies. Then the satellite assemblies created with LocBaml need to be signed with the same private key. And you won’t give this key away to some
Last modified by Thomas Lee on 4/2/2012 2:09:43 PM
Tags:  localization  resx  wpf
Keys without modifiers (KeyGesture Class (System.Windows.Input))
The KeyGesture class validates (in most cases) that a key has some modifier. Basically may key cannot be used without modifiers or just with Shift modifier. If you attempt to create keyboard binding like "A" (aka "None+A") an exception is thrown. This is an artificial limitation of the KeyGesture class which is enforced in class CTor. You can workaround this limitation and create keyboard "shortc
Last modified by Đonny on 8/10/2011 11:35:53 PM
Tags:  commanding  input  keygesture  wpf
Here is a C# example using DoDragDrop to Drag Image as a File (DragDrop.DoDragDrop Method (System.Windows))
If you want to drag any object as a file to any application that allows file drops, you can use a method like this example.private void StartDrag(MouseEventArgs e, Image img){ //get the file path from a file-based image stored in WPF System.Windows.Controls.Image Uri uriSource = new Uri(img.Source.ToString()); string fPath = Uri.UnescapeDataString(uriSource.LocalPath); //FileDrop format req
Last modified by Rumem on 11/12/2012 9:29:03 AM
Tags:  dodragdrop  dragdrop  wpf
Call to WTSRegisterSessionNotification is WPF (WTSRegisterSessionNotification function (Windows))
When you use WTSRegisterSessionNotification in a WPF Window you will receive twice notifications.That's because WPF Windows are already registered to receive WM_WTSSESSION_CHANGE in NOTIFY_FOR_THIS_SESSION mode.So if in WPF you need to receive NOTIFY_FOR_THIS_SESSION - WM_WTSSESSION_CHANGE you don't need to call WTSRegisterSessionNotification.But if you need to receive NOTIFY_FOR_ALL_SESSIONS - W
Last modified by Juan Carlos Ruiz Pacheco on 6/3/2011 1:49:47 PM
XPath and XML namespaces (Binding.XPath Property (System.Windows.Data))
When you need XPath queries using namespaces you can use XmlDataProvider and set its XmlNamespaceManager property as described in article How to: Use XML Namespaces in Data Binding. However this approach has some limitations, such as that XmlDataProvider can be used only with entire document, not a nodeset obtained via another XPath query. In such situations it's better to use Binding.XmlNamespac
Last modified by Đonny on 11/6/2010 10:07:32 PM
More clear definition for routed event. (Routed Events Overview)
I think following definition creates some confusion due to the use of term "listeners".Functional definition: A routed event is a type of event that can invoke handlers on multiple listeners in an element tree, rather than just on the object that raised the event. when we talk about listeners it terms as objects subscribing events from Event raiser object, but here we are talking about Event raise
Last modified by deep p1 on 5/3/2010 11:48:05 AM
Tags:  events  routed  wpf
WPF Application Sample for Entity Framework (Application Samples (WPF))
I’m missing a WPF Application Sample that shows how the Entity Framework can be integrated. I find examples in the MSDN that demonstrate how to use the Entity Framework in an ASP .NET or a Windows Forms application but I haven’t found one for WPF. The BookLibrary sample application of the WPF Application Framework (WAF) might be such an application (http://waf.codeplex.com).
Last modified by omjbe on 3/27/2010 5:28:20 PM
Tags:  entity  framework  wpf
Link is here : http://blog.lexique-du-net.com/index.php?post/2010/02/24/DependencyProperties-or-INotifyPropertyChanged
Last modified by JonathanANTOINE on 3/1/2010 11:38:54 AM
Another Workaround (Clipboard.GetImage Method (System.Windows))
I found another workaround on this linkhttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/2014042/image-compression-usin-wpf-on-onpaste-evevntwhich simply uses the 3 lines of code instead of the tedious workaround in the previous linkvar img = new System.Windows.Controls.Image();var imgSrc = Clipboard.GetImage();img.Source = new FormatConvertedBitmap(imgSrc,PixelFormats.Bgr32,null,0);this should be even more help
Last modified by Shamsul Arefin Shaikh on 2/24/2010 8:46:27 PM
Tags:  bug  clipboard  getimage  workaround  wpf
.NET Framework Class LibraryMultiBinding Properties Include Protected MembersInclude Inherited Members Include .NET Framework MembersInclude .NET Compact Framework MembersInclude XNA Framework Members MultiBinding ClassThe MultiBinding type exposes the following members.   NameDescription Top Reference MultiBinding Class System
Last modified by Microsoft on 2/2/2010 1:08:16 AM
Tags:  multibinding  wpf
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