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AudienceManager ..::.Audiences Property AudienceManager ClassGets the collection of Audience objects for the current site.Namespace:   Microsoft.Office.Server.AudienceAssembly:  Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles (in Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.dll) Public ReadOnly Property Audiences As AudienceCollection Get Dim instance As AudienceManager Dim value As AudienceColle
Last modified by Microsoft on 10/27/2011 5:22:09 PM
Tags:  not  working
SPCalendarItem ..::.BackgroundColorClassName Property SPCalendarItem ClassGets or sets the class name for the background color of the item.Namespace:   Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControlsAssembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint (in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)Available in Sandboxed Solutions: No Public Property BackgroundColorClassName As String Get Set Dim instance As SPCalendarItem Dim valu
Last modified by Microsoft on 10/27/2011 5:20:06 PM
Cancelling AutoPlay is not working on Vista (IQueryCancelAutoPlay::AllowAutoPlay method (Windows))
Hi All,I am working on "Cancel AutoPlay". It is working fine in XP and VISTA as regular admin user. but it doesn't work if I right-click "Run as Administrator". I have found that the Clsid entry was not created in ROT table. I have tried HKCU & HKLM both programming and manually. It doesn't workHKLM\Software\Classes\AppID\<exename>\AppID="<clsid>"HKLM\Software\Classes\AppID\<
Last modified by Ravi Thalupula on 2/9/2010 2:32:52 PM
Tags:  autoplay  cancelling  is  not  on  vista  working
doesn't work for multiple selections (Copy and reuse formatting)
2+ years later.....still broken 1. The feature to apply the formatting via the format painter to multiple selections by double-clicking does not work.It has been tested in EW3 (SP1) on the following OSs:Windows 7, x32Windows 7, x64Windows Vista, x32 2. The "format painter" icon is not in the "Style Application" toolbar, but in the "Standard" toolbar instead. Please amends the help file or fix t
Last modified by Tombaker on 3/16/2012 12:41:25 AM
F11 is not working???/ (Error: Unable to Start Debugging on the Web Server)
click here http://dotnetbeginner.spaces.live.com/ to fix it
Last modified by Anand R P on 11/13/2009 6:56:22 PM
Tags:  f11  not  vs2005  working
I'm fed up searching the internet everytime I need this function.The ability to do a basic calculation of the number of business days between 2 dates is always cropping up on the net. So here's my take on the solution.I only count mon,tue,wed,thu and fri as business days in this calculation.I didn't use anything other than standard tsql that can be used inline in any query.I've written some exampl
Last modified by pflangan on 1/9/2008 4:26:26 PM
Tags:  datediff  days  weekdays  working
this video is not working it keeps freezing. (Reading Entries from the Audit Log in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0)
this video is not working it keeps freezing. [Noelle Mallory - MSFT] - please download the video and run it locally instead of streaming.The hostnames in playlist are not fully qualifiedmms://mediadlppe/mediadl/MSDN/O/Office/en-us/2007OfficeVH2s/WSS3ReadingAuditEntries.wmv http://mediadlppe/mediadl/MSDN/O/Office/en-us/2007OfficeVH2s/WSS3ReadingAuditEntries.wmvmms://mediadlstaging/MSDN/O/Office
Last modified by Joris van Lier on 9/24/2008 11:20:34 AM
Tags:  contentbug  not  video  working
Portability note (Changing the Current Directory (Windows))
I believe the Unix / Linux analogues are getcwd (for GetCurrentDirectory) and chdir (for SetCurrentDirectory)
Last modified by Frenetic2 on 8/3/2007 5:19:54 AM
Cancel not working (SPExport.Cancel Method (Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment))
How to cancel ongoing export operation?
Last modified by SunilY on 7/20/2007 6:36:47 AM
Tags:  cancel  not  working
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