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VB.Net Code (Do not indirectly expose methods with link demands)
Example The following examples show a library that violates the rule, and an application that demonstrates the library's weakness. The sample library provides two methods that together violate the rule. The EnvironmentSetting method is secured by a link demand for unrestricted access to environment variables. The DomainInformation method makes no security demands of its callers before it calls En
Last modified by csnyderasdfasdf on 9/8/2008 4:19:58 PM
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Code Sample Error (How to: Create Custom Configuration Sections Using ConfigurationSection)
Hi, The VB Sample code contains errors. The constructors are named like in C#. The correct code is: Public Sub New()End Sub Public Sub New(ByVal attribVal As String)MyAttrib1 = attribValEnd Sub
Last modified by Steve Butler MSFT on 9/18/2007 4:31:55 PM
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Thread Sleeping & Cooperation (Walkthrough: Multithreading)
You must allow the background worker thread to sleep for a few milliseconds, or else your program will freeze until the worker thread is complete. Add this line to the Do Loop in the CountWords subroutine of the Words class. System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(10)
Last modified by Noelle Mallory on 1/25/2008 9:36:36 PM
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Used by Visual Basic compiler to represent a constant Date field (DateTimeConstantAttribute Class (System.Runtime.CompilerServices))
The CLI does not support storing the DateTime (Date in Visual Basic) structure as a literal/constant, however, the Visual Basic language specification does. To support this difference between the CLI and Visual Basic, the compiler outputs a 'const' Date field in IL as a static (Shared in Visual Basic) read-only field and marks it with this attribute. For example, the following field: [Visual B
Last modified by David M. Kean on 7/29/2007 9:20:04 PM
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