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Alternative instructions on adding a new project to a solution. (Building a Class from an Existing Class: Using Inheritance)
In the tutorial, Building Your Class on an Existing Class: Using Inheritance, you are directed to add a new project to the persons solution. Then you are told to add a reference, to the persons class to the players project. If you do what they tell you: (see below) To create a test project for your classOn the File menu, point to Add, and then choose New Project. In the Add New Project dialog bo
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Example 1 (Dispatcher.Invoke Method (DispatcherPriority, Delegate, Object) (System.Windows.Threading))
C# example: string stringVal = "my text"; MyTextBox.Dispatcher.Invoke(DispatcherPriority.Normal, (ThreadStart)delegate { MyTextBox.Text = stringVal; }); VB.net example: PartialPublicClass Window1 Inherits System.Windows.Window PrivateDelegateSub SetLabelTextDelegate(ByV
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