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Failover Clusters without Shared Storage (High Availability Solutions Overview)
Microsoft does support "multi-site clusters", which basically allows failover clusters to be extended across geographically dispersed locations. Multi-site clusters rely on 3rd party replication solutions from storage array vendors and software host based replication solutions to keep the data in sync across sites. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2008/en/us/failover-clustering-multisite.as
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Failover Clustering and Disk Mirroring Support (High Availability Solutions Overview)
Failover Clustering can protect against disk failure if you replace the physical disk resource with a replicated volume resource from a 3rd party ISV (SteelEye DataKeeper or DoubleTake GeoCluster) or array based replication solution (EMC, IBM, ect). This solution gives you all of the benefits of clustering as well protection against disk failures.This article walks you through the steps of creat
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