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re multiple usage (Using Common Table Expressions)
Multiple usage works when used in the same query; multiple queries in the same statement can't re-use it. $0$0 $0 $0This is a big limitation, granted, but the documentation is correct.$0
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The "Programming" and all features are not available. I read that "to work with Visual Basic or C# code, Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) is required. The Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and Microsoft Core XML Services 6.0 must be installed prior to installing VSTA. To install VSTA..." The system I use is from the US Air Force, USAF Standard Desktop Configuration v3.1 (Windows 2
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Walkthrough: Creating Your First Application-Level Add-in for ExcelUpdated: July 2008Applies toThe information in this topic applies only to the specified Visual Studio Tools for Office projects and versions of Microsoft Office.Project typeApplication-level projectsMicrosoft Office versionExcel 2007Excel 2003For more information, see Features Available by Application and Project Type.This introd
Last modified by Microsoft on 5/18/2009 11:51:46 PM
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History of Functional Languages and Lambda Expressions (Concepts and Terminology (Functional Transformation))
I note that this article is not only incomprehensible in part but also mis-leading in several statements (note that at no place are references given). LISP (whence Scheme derives) is a "...general functional programming language..." that is and has been widely accepted. Any discussion of functional programming and lamba expressions without mentioning LISP is, to my way of thinking, not only incomp
Last modified by jimg43 on 8/13/2009 7:08:58 PM
How to: Access DLLs in ExcelYou can access a DLL function or command in Microsoft Office Excel in several ways:Through a Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code module in which the function or command has been made available using a Declare statement.Through an XLM macro sheet by using the CALL or REGISTER functions.Directly from the worksheet or from a customized item in the user inter
Last modified by Microsoft on 9/21/2007 8:43:38 PM
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Visual C++ Language ReferenceCalling ConventionsUpdated: November 2007 The Visual C/C++ compiler provides several different conventions for calling internal and external functions. Understanding these different approaches can help you debug your program and link your code with assembly-language routines. The topics on this subject explain
Last modified by Microsoft on 8/8/2008 1:26:56 AM
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Language-Integrated Query (LINQ)LINQ General Programming GuideUpdated: November 2007 This section contains information how to program with LINQ, including the standard query operators, the use of expression trees in LINQ, and custom LINQ providers. In This SectionStandard Query Operators Overview Provides an introduction to the standard qu
Last modified by Microsoft on 8/27/2008 12:20:18 AM
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Sending Data over SMS Windows MobileWindows Embedded CE-3/25/2008 This code sample is named WDP_SMS. It demonstrates how to send and receive data using the Wireless Datagram Protocol (WDP) over the Short Messaging Service (SMS) transport. Data is sent from one port on the mobile device, and received at another port on the same mobile device. Feature AreaCellCorePhone Featu
Last modified by Microsoft on 4/30/2008 10:30:59 PM
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If this helps at all, follow this link to a page I posted with some programming help against those SQL Injection attacks!<BR/><BR/><A HREF="http://www.cheergallery.com/SQLInjectionHelp.html" REL="nofollow">SQL Injection Programming help</A><BR/><BR/>http://www.cheergallery.com/SQLInjectionHelp.html <BR/><BR/>thanks,<BR/><BR/>Amir Segal<
Last modified by amirsegal on 6/11/2008 7:38:14 PM
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Visual C++  Attributed Programming Concepts  Visual C++ includes a variety of material to help you use attributes in your programs. Attributes, a new feature in Visual C++, are designed to simplify COM programming and .NET Framework common language runtime development. When you include attributes in your source files, the compiler works with provider dynamic-link libraries (DLL)
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