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Error in Example (Walkthrough: Creating a Custom Tab by Using Ribbon XML)
There is an error in the exampleIf you added the following code and try to build:protected override Microsoft.Office.Core.IRibbonExtensibility CreateRibbonExtensibilityObject() { return new MyRibbon(); }You get the error:Error1'KofaxWord.MyRibbon.CreateRibbonExtensibilityObject()': no suitable method found to overrideC:\Projects\Office Projects\KofaxWord\MyRibbon.cs4071Ko
Last modified by Thomas Lee on 8/12/2012 10:44:54 AM
Not concurrently safe (GetPixel function (Windows))
Despite it's read-only, if used concurrently for the same DC the returning values are often incorrect.
Last modified by Thomas Lee on 11/27/2011 6:45:32 PM
Blocking (StreamReader.Peek Method (System.IO))
Even though it is not supposed to, this function will block if there is no data in the stream (i.e.: the first time you call this before any data has been read, prepared, etc). Tied to this, the property "EndOfStream" will also block if there is no data present. Personally, I consider this a bug, as there is no way to check for any StreamReader contents and guarantee a non-block. Some people have
Last modified by Thomas Lee on 9/19/2011 10:09:43 AM
Tags:  productbug?
Behaviour on DWM Windows (WM_NCCREATE message (Windows))
On Windows 7 if you handle WM_NCCREATE and return 1 to indicate success to the OS and CreateWindowEx() was called with a caption string, the caption is not set. Returning DefWindowProc() instead works. <br /><br />Added 12/07/2011 - @MSFT This is a BUG and contrary to the documentation above, please would you fix it.
Last modified by mcaizcm3 on 6/18/2012 5:07:30 AM
Tags:  productbug?
Bug? (strrchr, wcsrchr, _mbsrchr (CRT))
Function "wcsrchr" searches for \0 but recognizes it as the end of string, thus finding only first terminating null (not the last one as documented). $0$0 $0 $0-- It might seem that way but carefully read the documentation for the input parameters:$0 $0 $0Parameters$0 str $0Null-terminated string to search.$0 $0 $0$0 $0 $0This is stating that the first \0 is the end of where it looks -
Last modified by Martyn James on 1/10/2012 11:35:59 AM
Tags:  productbug?
If you persist a CLR DateTime value to SQL, when re-read out of SQL back into a CLR DateTime variable it will no longer match the one in memory. This can lead to subtle dataset corruptions.http://seesharper.wordpress.com/2008/07/08/sql-server-datetime-vs-net-datetime-battle-of-accuracy/ I have an application where I store in RAM whatever goes into my db by pulling it back out which entraps it in
Last modified by Thomas Lee on 10/11/2010 7:47:29 AM
Tags:  productbug?
Not with XML (Character Set Recognition (Internet Explorer))
Internet Explorer ignores the charset parameter in the Content-Type header for XML files. It assumes the file is in UTF-8 and refuses to render it if it is not.
Last modified by Thomas Lee on 10/5/2010 3:31:53 PM
Tags:  productbug?
This type of expression works: substring(http.controller,8,charindex('/',http.controller,8)+2) substring(http.controller,8,charindex('/',http.controller,8)-2) does not... Msg 536, Level 16, State 5, Line 1 Invalid length parameter passed to the SUBSTRING function. Had to do something silly to get rid of the trailing '/' !!! replace(substring(http.controller,8,charindex('/',substring(http.co
Last modified by Thomas Lee on 10/2/2010 12:15:36 PM
Incorrect ASN1 DER encoded output (ICertEncodeAltName::Encode method (Windows))
The method generates an incorrect ASN1 DER encoded output when a string contains dash (-) or hyphen character. Instead you should use IX509ExtensionAlternativeNames interface (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa378081(VS.85).aspx).
Last modified by Thomas Lee on 10/2/2010 11:48:35 AM
Missing Item - wdPropertyStatus (suggested name) (WdBuiltInProperty Enumeration [Word 2007 Developer Reference])
wdPropertyStatus (suggested name) should be part of this enumeration - value 32, this is Word's "Status" property. It's visible in the default Document Properties view (along with Author, Title, Subject etc) and accessible via VBA: ActiveDocument.BuiltInDocumentProperties(32)
Last modified by Thomas Lee on 9/26/2010 9:47:31 AM
Tags:  productbug?
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