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TimeSpan Demo - Recoded in PowerShell (TimeSpan Structure (System))
<#.SYNOPSIS This script, a re-implementation of an MSDN sample, shows the Unicode details of a unicode character, using PowerShell..DESCRIPTION This script re-implments a simple MSDN script that takes a Unicode Character and uses CharUnicodeInfo class to get details of that character, which are then displayed on the console..NOTES File Name : Show-TimeSpan.ps1 Author
Last modified by Thomas Lee on 11/9/2011 12:21:37 AM
Timpespan Ticks per interval sample using PowerShell (TimeSpan.TicksPerSecond Field (System))
# Get-TimeTicks.ps1# Gets and displays all the static Tick values from TimeSpan Object# thomas lee - tfl@psp.co.uk# get the values$tsticksperday = [system.timespan]::ticksperday$tsticksperhour = [system.timespan]::ticksperhour$tstickspermillisecond = [system.timespan]::TicksPerMillisecond$tsticksperminute = [system.timespan]::ticksperminute$tstickspersecond = [system.timespan]::tickspersecond# dis
Last modified by Thomas Lee on 6/15/2009 7:03:09 PM
Display-TimeSpan.ps1 (TimeSpan Structure (System))
# Display-Timespan.ps1# Creates timespan objects and displays properties for each# Thomas Lee - tfl@psp.co.uk # Constants $HeaderFmt ="`n{0, -45}" $DataFmt ="{0,-12}{1,8} {2,-18}{3,21}" # Helper function function ShowTimeSpanProperties { param ([System.TimeSpan] $Interval= 1) # Display the properties of the TimeSpan parameter. "Interval = {0,21}" -f $interval
Last modified by Thomas Lee on 6/7/2009 11:40:16 AM
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