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Step by Step Solution for Installing SSME (SQL Server Management Studio Express)
(If you have already installed SQL Server 2008 Express with the Web Platform Installer) As of March 4, 2010... 0. If you are using Server 2008, Install Windows PowerShell using these instructions: http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/2521/windows_server_2008_install_windows_powershell/. Otherwise download and install it from here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-ca/scriptcenter/dd772288.aspx 1. Downl
Last modified by gillbates21 on 5/6/2010 3:43:02 AM
Preventing shutdown (Application.SessionEnding Event (System.Windows))
Personally, I didn't have much luck stopping Windows from closing so I used the Win32 API to get most reliable results and also allow the user to see why Windows was stuck.http://www.lukepuplett.com/2009/07/wpf-how-to-veto-windows-shutdown.html
Last modified by LukePuplett on 7/17/2009 5:36:46 PM
ShutdownBlockReasonCreate (SessionEndingEventArgs Class (Microsoft.Win32))
If the above framework-provided method of preventing a shutdown is not giving you any joy, try using the Win32 unmanaged method (remember to destroy the reason as soon as you can, and that Vista lets the user forcefully go ahead and close anyway).http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa376877(VS.85).aspxImportant: you may need to use the Dispatcher on the window to make the Win32 call from the U
Last modified by joetanyn on 8/30/2009 2:51:16 AM
Managed code example (ShutdownBlockReasonCreate function (Windows))
Can be found here:http://community.bartdesmet.net/blogs/bart/archive/2006/10/25/Windows-Vista-_2D00_-ShutdownBlockReasonCreate-in-C_2300_.aspx
Last modified by LukePuplett on 7/16/2009 4:16:41 PM
Theres a bit more detail to it (/Build (devenv.exe))
When you do a devenv /? it shows the various options and switches. According to that, theres a bit more detail to the Solution Config parameter. In addition to the debug, we can also specify the Platform type e.g. Win32. Thought worth adding here, as its not been made explicit in the text.
Last modified by Mickey Puri on 2/5/2009 10:44:02 AM
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Trusted Platform Module ProviderThis document specifies the Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 WMI provider interface that is at the core of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Administration Tool.Send comments about this topic to Microsoft Build date: 1/15/2009
Last modified by Microsoft on 1/16/2009 3:38:35 PM
.NET Framework Samples  Platform Invoke Technology Sample  Note This sample is installed in the \Program Files\Microsoft.NET\SDK\v2.0\LateBreaking\PlatformInvoke or \Program Files\Visual Studio 8\SDK\v2.0\LateBreaking\PlatformInvoke folder.This sample demonstrates techniques for calling functions exported from an unmanaged library. It shows how to:Declare different typesUse avail
Last modified by Microsoft on 12/6/2006 10:59:31 PM
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