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Code shouldn't disappear (Partial Classes and Methods (C# Programming Guide))
Cant agree with source code disappearing as part of compilation activity: As it is a compilation issue there are 2 options:1)throw compilation error so that the coder is aware of what's happening2)and if possible, have a new method_implemented keyword to enable coding like this: if method_implemented(obj.FnFOO(type1, type2) { obj.FnFOO(arg1, arg2);}
Last modified by cethie on 11/10/2011 8:46:33 AM
OutputCache in MVC 2 caches entire response (OutputCacheAttribute Class (System.Web.Mvc))
Partial views (ascx files) are cached, too, as they make up the response from the Action.Adding the @OutputCache directive to the ascx file does not work; it is ignored. There is no simple way in MVC 2 to cached partially, or partially exclude some ouput from cache. There are some more complex techniques to do this out in the blogosphere but check which version of MVC they work with.
Last modified by LukePuplett on 8/10/2010 1:23:13 PM
No response after double-clicked PartialTrustWpfCallingWcf.exe (Partial Trust WPF Application Calling a WCF Service)
No window pops up, what's wrong?I checked the Security setting, its zone was set to Internet.After I clicked Calculate Permissions button, Visual Studio advised me to change it to Full Trust to run correctly.Any other workarounds?
Last modified by Zhang Mingquan Mike on 4/2/2010 8:21:47 AM
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Partial Class Namespace for ScaffoldTableAttribute (ASP.NET Dynamic Data Scaffolding and Page Templates Overview)
I struggled with getting the ScaffoldTableAttribute working until I got the namespace correct for the partial class.In my situation, I was using the Entity Framework. Here's what I had to do to get it working. Assuming we're using the Adventureworks database as above, Studio will create a .edmx file which holds the entity data model created from the database. The partial class that you create must
Last modified by douglaskline on 12/13/2009 10:23:50 PM
I had never seen the partial on method. This is similar to C++ where you specify the signature, and then implement it in a .cp file.Here is the URL to the definitive 195 page (pdf) MVC tutorial for building the NerdDinner: http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2009/03/10/free-asp-net-mvc-ebook-tutorial.aspxHere's the example of using the "partial" keyword. Note the "partial void OnValidate(Change
Last modified by Stanley Roark on 8/3/2009 6:40:59 PM
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Visual C# Reference: Errors and Warnings  Compiler Error CS0260  Error Message Missing partial modifier on declaration of type 'type'; another partial declaration of this type existsThis error indicates that more than one class declaration with the same name was found, and at least one but not all of these declarations was declared partial. If your intent
Last modified by Microsoft on 12/18/2006 11:17:07 PM
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