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Range.NumberFormat PropertyExcel Developer ReferenceReturns or sets a Variant value that represents the format code for the object.Syntaxexpression.NumberFormatexpression   A variable that represents a Range object.RemarksThis property returns Null if all cells in the specified range don't have the same number format.The format code is the same string as the Format Codes option in the Format Cells
Last modified by Microsoft on 8/19/2009 11:30:06 PM
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XlXLMMacroType EnumerationSpecifies, in a Microsoft Excel version 4 macro worksheet, what type of macro a name refers to or whether the name refers to a macro.Version Information  Version Added:  Excel 2007NameValueDescriptionxlCommand2Custom command.xlFunction1Custom function.xlNotXLM3Not a macro.
Last modified by Microsoft on 8/19/2009 11:30:27 PM
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An example using dynamic properties of .Net 4 (Workbooks.Open Method (Excel))
The following piece of code requires a reference to Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel and Microsoft.CSharp. It will list the row number and content of the first column of the first sheet in an excel file using Excel = Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel; ... var filePath = @"C:\Temp\Sample.xlsx"; var application = new Excel.Application(); var book = application.W
Last modified by Morten Wennevik on 10/15/2011 3:10:50 PM
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Quit doesn't quit Excel application! (_Application.Quit Method (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel))
Like so much from Microsoft, this doesn't work. After running my application several times, Task Manager shows a dozen EXCEL.EXE processes, despite calling Quit () on every instance.I'm reminded almost daily why I hate working with Microsoft products! Their frameworks are "gimmick-based", i.e. you have to know the "gimmick" in order to get a feature to work. The classsic Microsoft gimmick-based
Last modified by Eckmar on 7/21/2012 4:05:29 PM
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Really nice write up (Using LINQ to Query Tables in Excel 2007)
September, 13, 2011 I was able to load the application in VS2010, change the CLR target to .Net 4.0, update (add) the WindowsBase.dll reference, and run the example csproj with no problems. $0$0 $0 $0The code was very easy to follow (step through in debugger) and easy to understand.$0 $0$0 $0 $0Looks like a very nice way to parse data from an Excel spreadsheet.$0 $0 I would like to
Last modified by Ryno on 9/13/2011 2:11:41 PM
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How to: Create a WorkbookExcel Developer ReferenceTo create a workbook in Visual Basic, use the Add method. The following procedure creates a workbook. Microsoft Excel automatically names the workbook BookN, where N is the next available number. The new workbook becomes the active workbook.Sub AddOne() Workbooks.Add End SubA better way to create a workbook is to assign it to an object v
Last modified by Microsoft on 8/19/2009 11:29:56 PM
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Why are members hidden? (Object Model Changes Since Microsoft Office 2003 [Excel 2007 Developer Reference])
Why has Microsoft hidden many of the member functions? Is this a prelude to them going away? I rely heavily on the UpdateChanges method but it was hidden. I was able to unhide it, but it doesn't work any more. When I run the exact same code within Excel 2003, it works, but in Excel 2007, I get the hated message: Run-time error '1004': Application-defined or Object-defined error." Sounds like
Last modified by SixSigmaGuy on 2/17/2010 6:11:12 PM
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Value assigned to .Orientation property in the example procedure (Sort Object [Excel 2007 Developer Reference])
In the example procedure the ‘Orientation’ property of the ‘Sort’ object is assigned a value of “xlTopToBottom”.The ‘Library’ document for “Sort.Orientation Property” recommends that the property ‘Orientation’ take one of the ‘XLSortOrientation’ constants “xlSortColumns” or “xlSortRows”; note that the document does not mention “xlTopToBottom”, as used in the example procedure.The documented consta
Last modified by awrl100 on 2/11/2010 4:19:40 PM
Trying to create a SetUp project for Application Level Excel 2003 AddIn (Deploying Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Office System SE Solutions Using Windows Installer: Walkthroughs (Part 2 of 2))
Hi,I regretfully have to mention that this article haven't been useful at all for me!I was looking for a walkthrough for a total novice like me to make an SetUp Project for the above said addin. I asked for help (http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-GB/vsto/thread/07326ff9-c425-43b3-9488-bf59870db2ec) & I was directed here but to despair I haven't drawn even a bit from here !I also also
Last modified by KunalAPatel on 1/18/2010 5:26:55 PM
excel 2003 to pdf converter (Saving Workbooks to PDF and XPS Formats in Excel 2007)
You will need full Acrobat. The program will install a "distiller" which will be shown under your print options. Open the Excel file, choose file, print, acrobat distiller. It will bring up a box with which you can name your file and save in pdf format.Without the full version of acrobat, you can't do this.This post has advertising issues and is not related to original document
Last modified by BobSort on 11/14/2011 2:24:54 AM
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