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Pointers in VB.NET? (StringBuilder.CopyTo Method (System.Text))
This is just because I am curious about everything.I was looking at a VB disassembly of the StringBuilder.CopyTo method using .NET Reflector 6, and a portion of it (its last part, actually) showed this:If (count <> 0) Then DimchRefAsChar* FixedchRef=AddressOf destination(destinationIndex) Dimstr2AsChar* Fixedstr2=DirectCast(threadSafeString, Char*)
Last modified by DavidRossG on 7/18/2010 3:13:36 PM
Update Exception (SPListItem.Update Method (Microsoft.SharePoint))
The Update method returns a Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException exception if the list item has been modified since it was created. For example, this exception is returned if the code returns an SPListItem object but code in a different HTTP request has updated the item previously. This exception is also raised when the data that was supplied for updating an item is invalid. If you are experiencin
Last modified by Elliot Wood on 2/18/2008 7:39:10 AM
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