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Bug on earlier versions of Windows (NMLVCUSTOMDRAW structure (Windows))
Handling subitem pre-paint messages on Windows XP (perhaps all pre-Vista systems?) the handler receives incorrect top and bottom values in NMLVCUSTOMDRAW::nmcd.rc, sometimes they are zero, sometimes are not updated since previous handler call (so basically the idea is that they are left uninitialized by comctl32 caller). In order to get correct subitem position the handler has to explicitly obtain
Last modified by Roman Ryltsov on 5/25/2011 2:53:52 PM
Dynamic ToolboxDataAttribute for ASP.NET Custom Controls (ToolboxDataAttribute Fields (System.Web.UI))
It would be REALLY nice to be able to use the ToolboxData attribute in the folloing way, so your inline code at the top of your class was not really long. When doing template based controls, we want to automatically default the template with all available Container items.<ToolboxData(<%# GetToolboxData() %>)> _Public Class MyTemplateControl Public Function GetToolboxData() As String
Last modified by PeterAlbanese on 6/18/2010 10:16:06 PM
Windows Presentation FoundationRead-Only Dependency PropertiesThis topic describes read-only dependency properties, including existing read-only dependency properties and the scenarios and techniques for creating a custom read-only dependency property. This topic contains the following sections. Prerequisites Existing Read-Only Dependency Properties Creating Custom Read-Only Dependency Properti
Last modified by Microsoft on 2/26/2010 10:07:08 PM
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Relate field control ID in the page layout (How to Create a SharePoint Server 2007 Custom Master Page and Page Layouts for a Web Content Management Site)
Hi Avneesh,It is really a great help for me. I was really enjoyed this article by implementing this practically.I am facing one issue regarding content type reference in feild controls. just an examlple - here you have taken on field control "PGPageBottomLeftContent" in the page layout. I am not able to get how it is referenced with content type, as this field controls id is not available in the c
Last modified by Abhishek.Verma on 3/2/2010 2:12:43 PM
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Windows Presentation Foundation SamplesControl Library SamplesThe samples in the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) control library contains information on the controls provided by Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), listed alphabetically. AccessText Sample Interactive Button Transform Sample Canvas Samples ContextMenu Shared Among Controls Sample DockPanel Samples DocumentViewer Sam
Last modified by Microsoft on 2/2/2010 12:22:51 AM
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Fields vs. Content Controls (Exploring the Dynamic World of Word 2007)
The problem with Content Control is that I can't use the same (own) Content Control many times. For example, I want to have a Content Control containing a version number of the document. And I want to use the same field in many places in the document, but unfortunatelly Word doesn't understand that two Content Controls with the same name and tag means the same value... (like fields).
Last modified by szd1 on 2/3/2010 2:29:49 PM
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Luke's Guide to the ListBox (ListBox Class (System.Windows.Controls))
Every time I go to sleep I forget how this, may I say, overly complicated beast of a control works. Here's some community content that might help programmers of a similar disposition.Right, a ListBox is a bunch of behaviours over the top of an ItemsControl which is essentially a controller for items in a Panel, but with data binding wizardry inside. The ListBox handles some stuff like selection bu
Last modified by LukePuplett on 1/27/2010 1:18:33 AM
Our development team uses Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 for Office Runtime to develop custom controls. While designing a new form using Office 2003, the designer had the ability to select the Properties of the control and reset the Height, Width, font, size, alignment, etc. Using Microsoft Office 2007 we are unable to view these properties in the design mode via the popup menu. Can you provide
Last modified by PRussell1 on 1/21/2010 7:07:59 PM
Parental Controls SamplesSample code for Parental Controls is available under path <installation directory>\Windows\<version number>\Samples\Security\ParentalControls. The samples are as follows:Utilities Helper functionality for basic COM management, SID string operations, and WMI read and write functionality. All of the other samples depend on this project unless otherwise specified.
Last modified by Microsoft on 11/19/2009 10:32:26 PM
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Security Considerations: ActiveXThis document provides information about security considerations related to Microsoft ActiveX. This document doesn't provide all you need to know about security issues—instead, use it as a starting point and reference for this technology area.Related Topics Designing Secure ActiveX Controls Microsoft Security MSDN Security Developer Center TechNet Security Resou
Last modified by Microsoft on 9/9/2009 11:20:46 PM
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