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Visual Studio  How to: Set Compiler Options  The Visual Basic compiler provides several options for checking your code at compile time. Option Explicit determines whether or not variables must be explicitly declared. Option Strict determines whether or not explicit narrowing conversions and late binding are allowed. Option Compare specifies the method used for string comparisons:
Last modified by Microsoft on 12/18/2006 11:17:07 PM
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Passing a Char to String.Equals(Object) (String.Equals Method (Object) (System))
The return value in the above doc says;true if obj is a String and its value is the same as this instance; otherwise, false.VB programmers should note that if try to pass a Char to this method, the VB compiler will rewrite your code - in IL it will actually encode the Char into a String and pass it to String.Equals(String). C# programmers do not have this worry - the C# compiler doesn't do this "
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I've noticed that this page has a rating of 1, which is both a very low rating, and under the circumstances an understandable rating. If you are viewing the page in classic help mode, you have to see the index to the left to see the listing of all the errors. If that instruction is unclear, try swtiching to Lightweight or ScriptFree mode for viewing this help file, and then you will see the list o
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.NET Framework Class LibraryAspNetCompiler ..::.AddCommandLineCommands Method AspNetCompiler ClassThis API supports the .NET Framework infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.Generates command line arguments for the AspNetCompiler tool.Namespace:   Microsoft.Build.TasksAssembly:  Microsoft.Build.Tasks (in Microsoft.Build.Tasks.dll) Protected Friend Overr
Last modified by Microsoft on 8/4/2009 6:00:17 PM
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Visual C++  How to: Compile a Native C++ Program from the Command Line  Visual C++ includes a C++ compiler you can use to create everything from simple Visual C++ programs to Windows Forms applications and components.In this procedure, you create simple Visual C++ programs with a text editor and compile them on the command line.You can also compile Visual C++ programs you
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public class DataContextFactory<T> where T : DataContext{ public static T GetDataContext() { T retval = (T) Activator.CreateInstance(typeof(T), new object[] { GetConnectionString() }); return retval; }....}
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Visual C++ Concepts: Building a C/C++ ProgramC/C++ Build Errors This section is an alphanumeric reference of the error messages generated by the build tools. To get help on a particular error message, either click the mouse on an error number in the Output window and press F1, or type the error number in the Look for box in the Index. -->See AlsoOther Resou
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How to suppress this message (Compiler Warning (level 3) CS0067)
This message can be incredibly annoying when creating APIs. To suppress, place #pragma's before and after to turn off and turn back on this compiler warning. For example: #pragma warning disable 0067 public event EventHandler<EventArgs> ThisEventIsNeverUsedLol; #pragma warning restore 0067 The compiler will ignore this error for this particular event but for no other event in the sol
Last modified by Will Sullivan on 12/20/2007 8:08:58 PM
Problem with GOTO (Compiler Error CS0159 (C#))
Compiler Error a.cs(8,1): error CS0159: No such label 'aa' within the scope of the goto statement Compiler Warning a.cs(11,1): warning CS0164: This label has not been referenced You can never transfer control from one block to another block. The goto will allow you to leave a block but never let you enter another block. This results in the error shown above. The warning like every warnin
Last modified by faris jalali on 10/27/2007 2:24:23 PM
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