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Additional Default Settings (Change Cache Settings for an Application-Tier Server)
Default: fill up the disk up to 75%, and delete up to 20% of the cache at any time.If both CacheLimitPercent and CacheLimit are set, use CacheLimit.Minimun StatisticsPersist time is 1 hour
Last modified by Wendell - MSFT Support on 5/7/2012 5:01:55 PM
Tags:  2010  cache  default  tfa
The example given on this page has an extra closing bracket on line 34. Remove it and then you can convert this example to VB.NET, as I have done below:Imports System.IOImports System.NetImports System.TextNamespace Examples.System.Net Public Class WebRequestGetExample Public Shared Sub Main() ' Get the object used to communicate with the server. Dim request As Ftp
Last modified by NCGordon on 1/26/2012 6:58:18 PM
Tags:  2010  ftp  upload  vb.net
Open XML Package Editor for Visual Studio 2010 (Using the Visual Studio Tools for the Office System Power Tools Version
Open XML Package Editor for Visual Studio 2010 is available under Visual studio gallary at http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/450a00e3-5a7d-4776-be2c-8aa8cec2a75b/
Last modified by Shiv Khare - MSFT on 10/14/2011 2:48:49 PM
Tags:  2010  editor  open  package  power  studio  tool  visual  vsto  xml
The link for RDL 2010 is broken (Planning for Report Authoring and Report Deployment)
The link for RDL 2010 is broken: http://schemas.microsoft.com/sqlserver/reporting/2010/01/reportdefinition
Last modified by jcrev on 6/3/2011 9:23:35 PM
Tags:  2010  rdl  ssrs
Bug in PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 (Item Method [PowerPoint 2007 Developer Reference])
If you want to enumerate all the borders in a Borders object, you need to use a fresh new instance of Borders each item.For example, this pseudo code fails: (it always returns the same instance, no matter the value of the parameter passed to it!)borders = cell.Bordersborders.Item(ppBorderTop) => returns LineFormat for top borderborders.Item(ppBorderLeft) => returns LineFormat for top border
Last modified by gfox1984 on 1/20/2011 3:43:00 PM
Tags:  2007  2010  cell  item  powerpoint
Issues and a workaround (Migrating EDI Artifacts from a Previous Version of BizTalk Server)
I had issues running this tool during the beta and in the RTM it is also hard to work with. So here is a post on the issues and my workarounds: http://msinnovations.wordpress.com/2010/11/09/biztalk-2010-party-migration-tool-issues-workaroundsThanks,
Last modified by Ben Cline1 on 11/9/2010 9:07:22 PM
Tags:  2010  biztalk  bugs
AssetUrlSelector.DisplayLookInSection bug? (AssetUrlSelector Class (Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.WebControls))
Hi,Microsoft.Sharepoint.Publishing.WebControls.AssetUrlSelector.DisplayLookInSectionThe value of this member of the AssetUrlSelector simply will not affect the way the picker is displayed in any way. Regardless of this property, the picker still is shown only with the "new" tree view browser section. http://wilfing.se/forum/AssetURLProvider.gif Does any one know if this really is a bug or if it
Last modified by TheJesper on 10/27/2010 11:57:11 AM
This is obsolete in SharePoint 2010 (FilterCollection Class (Microsoft.Office.Server.ApplicationRegistry.Runtime))
Nice of Microsoft to tell us, but would be even nicer if they told us what to use instead!Instead of FilterCollection just use the IFilterCollection interface in Microsoft.BusinessData.Runtime (Microsoft.BusinessData.dll) and cast individual IFilters to ComparisonFilter, WildcardFilter in Microsoft.SharePoint.BusinessData.Runtime (Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)
Last modified by JJBongo on 7/2/2010 4:03:38 PM
Edit: VS 2010 RC Readme: http://download.microsoft.com/download/A/F/F/AFFE9A0D-E43C-4402-99C1-DD4E0E58AB60/VS2010RCReadme.htm#UninstallingVisual Studio Uninstall Utility (for VS 2010 RTM): http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/vs2010uninstallThis document points us to the Readme file at the root of the installation media, which is also identical to the Readme file in the root installation directory.
Last modified by Thomas Lee on 4/6/2012 2:02:25 PM
Tags:  2010  studio  uninstall  visual
Problem by Creating Toolbox Tabs for Workflow Projects (How to: Create a Branching Workflow)
Hello, I have a problem by adding the new tab for Project Server Workflow. I follow the steps listed in http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee767686(office.14).aspx, but once the controls are added to the new tab, they are greyed out and cannot be used on the project. Thanks [tfl] Thank you for your feedback. For these kinds of questions, please try the Microsoft forums: http://so
Last modified by Thomas Lee on 7/30/2011 9:39:51 PM
Tags:  2010  project  studio  visual  workflow
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