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Debug from a DLL Project in Express 2008 .net 3.5 (How to: Debug from a DLL Project)
This option is not included in Express 2008 c# however this document says it should be there. Please leave a comment above to get this fixed.
Last modified by Jbenisek on 6/17/2008 6:49:10 PM
Tags:  .net  2008  3.5  dll  express  external  ported
Visual Basic .NET Version (Fixing 'Application is Busy' and 'Call was Rejected By Callee' Errors)
This solution works. You probably won't encounter this error when working with windows projects. But when you open large Web application project (about 1300 code files) on slow computer (or Virtual PC) the exception may appear. In our case, loading of solution took too long. So commands after DTE.Solution.Open caused the 'Call was Rejected By Callee' exception. For anyone interested, here is VB
Last modified by Peter Macej on 10/22/2007 1:52:58 PM
Tags:  .net  dte  external  process  vb
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