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ContextNodeType.AnalysisHint Field

Represents the type of node that provides additional context information for a region to the InkAnalyzer to improve analysis results.

Namespace: System.Windows.Ink
Assembly: IAWinFX (in iawinfx.dll)

public static readonly Guid AnalysisHint
public static final Guid AnalysisHint
public static final var AnalysisHint : Guid
Not applicable.

The Guid value for this ContextNodeType field is b3e85327-34d8-4a53-9bed-c4aa612428d3.

The following example finds all WritingRegionNode objects in the node tree of an InkAnalyzer, theInkAnalyzerWithHint. The example then puts those that are linked to an AnalysisHintNode with a Factoid of "IS_DATE_FULLDATE" into a ContextNodeCollection, writingRegionsWithFactoids.

ContextNodeCollection writingRegionsWithFactoids =
    new ContextNodeCollection(this.theInkAnalyzerWithHint);
ContextNodeCollection allWritingRegions =
foreach (WritingRegionNode writingRegion in allWritingRegions)
    // See if they are linked to any factoid
    foreach (ContextLink link in writingRegion.Links)
        if (link.SourceNode.Type == ContextNodeType.AnalysisHint)
            AnalysisHintNode hint = (AnalysisHintNode)link.SourceNode;
            if (hint.Factoid == "IS_DATE_FULLDATE")

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