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System.Web.Mvc.Routing Namespace

The System.Web.Mvc.Routing namespace contains classes related to routing.

  Class Description
Public class DefaultDirectRouteProvider
Public class DefaultInlineConstraintResolver The default implementation of IInlineConstraintResolver. Resolves constraints by parsing a constraint key and constraint arguments, using a map to resolve the constraint type, and calling an appropriate constructor for the constraint type.
Public class DirectRouteFactoryContext Represents a context that supports creating a direct route.
Public class RouteBuilder Obsolete. Builds Route instances based on route information.
Public class RouteEntry Represents a named route.
Public class RouteFactoryAttribute Represents an attribute route that may contain custom constraints.

  Interface Description
Public interface IDirectRouteBuilder Defines a builder that creates direct routes to actions (attribute routes).
Public interface IDirectRouteFactory Defines a factory that creates a route directly to a set of action descriptors (an attribute route).
Public interface IDirectRouteProvider Defines a provider for routes that directly target action descriptors (attribute routes).
Public interface IInlineConstraintResolver Defines an abstraction for resolving inline constraints as instances of IRouteConstraint.
Public interface IRouteInfoProvider Provides information for building a System.Web.Routing.Route.
Public interface IRoutePrefix Defines a route prefix.
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