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GroupingDataflowBlockOptions Properties

.NET Framework 4.5

The GroupingDataflowBlockOptions type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property BoundedCapacity Gets or sets the maximum number of messages that may be buffered by the block. (Inherited from DataflowBlockOptions.)
Public property CancellationToken Gets or sets the CancellationToken to monitor for cancellation requests. (Inherited from DataflowBlockOptions.)
Public property Greedy Gets or sets the Boolean value to use to determine whether to greedily consume offered messages.
Public property MaxMessagesPerTask Gets or sets the maximum number of messages that may be processed per task. (Inherited from DataflowBlockOptions.)
Public property MaxNumberOfGroups Gets or sets the maximum number of groups that should be generated by the block.
Public property NameFormat Gets or sets the format string to use when a block is queried for its name. (Inherited from DataflowBlockOptions.)
Public property TaskScheduler Gets or sets the TaskScheduler to use for scheduling tasks. (Inherited from DataflowBlockOptions.)
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