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SpeechRecognizer Properties

  Name Description
Public property AudioFormat Read-only property specifying the current format of audio input being processed by the recognition engine.
Public property AudioLevel  
Public property AudioPosition  
Public property AudioState  
Public property Enabled Gets or sets a value controlling whether a SpeechRecognizer is enabled an running.
Public property Grammars Read-only property returning a list of all Grammar objects loaded into the current instance of the SpeechRecognizer
Public property MaxAlternates Gets and sets the maximum number of candidate results an instance of SpeechRecognizer is to return.
Public property PauseRecognizerOnRecognition Gets and sets a value indicating whether a SpeechRecognizer based recognition engine pause while an application is handling SpeechRecognized events.
Public property RecognizerAudioPosition  
Public property RecognizerInfo Read-only property providing identifical and configuration information about the Windows Desktop Speech Technology recognition engine in use.
Public property State Read-only property providing configuration information about the current running state of theWindows Desktop Speech Technology recognition engine in use.

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