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ImportOptions Members

Represents the options that can be set on an XsdDataContractImporter.

The ImportOptions type exposes the following members.

Public method ImportOptions Initializes a new instance of the ImportOptions class.

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Public property CodeProvider Gets or sets a CodeDomProvider instance that provides the means to check whether particular options for a target language are supported.
Public property DataContractSurrogate Gets or sets a data contract surrogate that can be used to modify the code generated during an import operation.
Public property EnableDataBinding Gets or sets a value that specifies whether types in generated code should implement the INotifyPropertyChanged interface.
Public property GenerateInternal Gets or sets a value that specifies whether generated code will be marked internal or public.
Public property GenerateSerializable Gets or sets a value that specifies whether generated data contract classes will be marked with the SerializableAttribute attribute in addition to the DataContractAttribute attribute.
Public property ImportXmlType Gets or sets a value that determines whether all XML schema types, even those that do not conform to a data contract schema, will be imported.
Public property Namespaces Gets a dictionary that contains the mapping of data contract namespaces to the CLR namespaces that must be used to generate code during an import operation.
Public property ReferencedCollectionTypes Gets a collection of types that represents data contract collections that should be referenced when generating code for collections, such as lists or dictionaries of items.
Public property ReferencedTypes Gets a IList<T> containing types referenced in generated code.

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