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DllImportAttribute Fields

The DllImportAttribute type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public field BestFitMapping Enables or disables best-fit mapping behavior when converting Unicode characters to ANSI characters.
Public field CallingConvention Indicates the calling convention of an entry point.
Public field CharSet Indicates how to marshal string parameters to the method and controls name mangling.
Public field EntryPoint Indicates the name or ordinal of the DLL entry point to be called.
Public field ExactSpelling Controls whether the DllImportAttribute.CharSet field causes the common language runtime to search an unmanaged DLL for entry-point names other than the one specified.
Public field PreserveSig Indicates whether unmanaged methods that have HRESULT or retval return values are directly translated or whether HRESULT or retval return values are automatically converted to exceptions.
Public field SetLastError Indicates whether the callee calls the SetLastError Win32 API function before returning from the attributed method.
Public field ThrowOnUnmappableChar Enables or disables the throwing of an exception on an unmappable Unicode character that is converted to an ANSI "?" character.
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