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ModuleBuilder Properties

The ModuleBuilder type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property Assembly Gets the dynamic assembly that defined this instance of ModuleBuilder. (Overrides Module.Assembly.)
Public property CustomAttributes Gets a collection that contains this module's custom attributes. (Inherited from Module.)
Public property FullyQualifiedName Gets a String representing the fully qualified name and path to this module. (Overrides Module.FullyQualifiedName.)
Public property MDStreamVersion Gets the metadata stream version. (Overrides Module.MDStreamVersion.)
Public property MetadataToken Gets a token that identifies the current dynamic module in metadata. (Overrides Module.MetadataToken.)
Public property ModuleHandle Gets a handle for the module. (Inherited from Module.)
Public property ModuleVersionId Gets a universally unique identifier (UUID) that can be used to distinguish between two versions of a module. (Overrides Module.ModuleVersionId.)
Public property Name A string that indicates that this is an in-memory module. (Overrides Module.Name.)
Public property ScopeName Gets a string that represents the name of the dynamic module. (Overrides Module.ScopeName.)
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