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System.Net.Http.Headers Namespace

Provides classes related to HTTP headers.

  Class Description
Public class AuthenticationHeaderValue Represents authentication information in Authorization, ProxyAuthorization, WWW-Authneticate, and Proxy-Authenticate header values.
Public class CacheControlHeaderValue Represents the value of the Cache-Control header.
Public class ContentDispositionHeaderValue
Public class ContentRangeHeaderValue Represents the value of the Content-Range header.
Public class CookieHeaderValue Provides value for the cookie header.
Public class CookieState Contains cookie name and its associated cookie state.
Public class EntityTagHeaderValue Represents an entity-tag header value.
Public class HttpContentHeaders Represents the collection of Content Headers as defined in RFC 2616.
Public class HttpHeaders A collection of headers and their values as defined in RFC 2616.
Public class HttpHeaderValueCollection<T> Represents a collection of header values.
Public class HttpRequestHeaders Represents the collection of Request Headers as defined in RFC 2616.
Public class HttpResponseHeaders Represents the collection of Response Headers as defined in RFC 2616.
Public class MediaTypeHeaderValue Represents a media-type as defined in the RFC 2616.
Public class MediaTypeWithQualityHeaderValue Represents a content-type header value with an additional quality.
Public class NameValueHeaderValue Represents a name/value pair.
Public class NameValueWithParametersHeaderValue Represents a name/value pair with parameters.
Public class ProductHeaderValue Represents a product header value.
Public class ProductInfoHeaderValue Represents a value which can either be a product or a comment.
Public class RangeConditionHeaderValue Represents a header value which can either be a date/time or an entity-tag value.
Public class RangeHeaderValue Represents the value of the Range header.
Public class RangeItemHeaderValue Represents a byte-range header value.
Public class RetryConditionHeaderValue Represents a header value which can either be a date/time or a timespan value.
Public class StringWithQualityHeaderValue Represents a string header value with an optional quality.
Public class TransferCodingHeaderValue Represents a transfer-coding header value.
Public class TransferCodingWithQualityHeaderValue Represents a transfer-coding header value with optional quality.
Public class ViaHeaderValue Represents the value of a Via header.
Public class WarningHeaderValue Represents a warning value used by the Warning header.
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