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ValidateArgumentsAttribute Members

Serves as the base class for all validation attributes that validate cmdlet parameter arguments.

The following tables list the members exposed by the ValidateArgumentsAttribute type.

  Name Description
  ValidateArgumentsAttribute Initializes a new instance of the ValidateArgumentsAttribute class.

  Name Description
public property TypeId  (Inherited from Attribute)

(see also Protected Methods)
public methodEquals  Overridden. (Inherited from Object)
public methodGetHashCode  Overridden. (Inherited from Object)
public methodGetType  (Inherited from Object)
public methodIsDefaultAttribute  (Inherited from Attribute)
public methodMatch  (Inherited from Attribute)
public methodToString  (Inherited from Object)

  Name Description
protected method Finalize  (Inherited from Object)
protected method MemberwiseClone  (Inherited from Object)
protected method Validate When overridden in a derived class, validates an argument value.

  Name Description
  GetIDsOfNames  (Inherited from Attribute)
  GetTypeInfo  (Inherited from Attribute)
  GetTypeInfoCount  (Inherited from Attribute)
  Invoke  (Inherited from Attribute)

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