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FileInfo.AppendText Method

Creates a StreamWriter that appends text to the file represented by this instance of the FileInfo.

Namespace: System.IO
Assembly: mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

No code example is currently available or this language may not be supported.
public StreamWriter AppendText ()
public function AppendText () : StreamWriter

Return Value

A new StreamWriter.

The following table lists examples of other typical or related I/O tasks.

To do this...

See the example in this topic...

Create a text file.

How to: Write Text to a File

Write to a text file.

How to: Write Text to a File

Read from a text file.

How to: Read Text from a File

The following example appends text to a file and reads from the file.

No code example is currently available or this language may not be supported.
import System.*;
import System.IO.*;

class Test
    public static void main(String[] args)
        FileInfo fi = new FileInfo("c:\\temp\\MyTest.txt");

        // This text is added only once to the file.
        if (!(fi.get_Exists())) {
            //Create a file to write to.
            StreamWriter sw = fi.CreateText();
            try {
            finally {

        // This text will always be added, making the file longer over time
        // if it is not deleted.
        StreamWriter sw = fi.AppendText();
        try {
            sw.WriteLine("is Extra");
        finally {

        //Open the file to read from.
        StreamReader sr = fi.OpenText();
        try {
            String s = "";
            while ((s = sr.ReadLine()) != null) {
        finally {
    } //main
} //Test

The following example demonstrates appending text to the end of a file and also displays the result of the append operation to the console. The first time this routine is called, the file is created if it does not exist. After that, the specified text is appended to the file.

import System;
import System.IO;

public class AppendTextTest {
    public static function Main() : void {

        // Create a reference to a file, which might or might not exist.
        // If it does not exist, it is not yet created.
        var fi : FileInfo = new FileInfo("temp.txt");

        // Create a writer, ready to add entries to the file.
        var sw : StreamWriter = fi.AppendText();

        sw.WriteLine("Add as many lines as you like...");
        sw.WriteLine("Add another line to the output...");

        // Get the information out of the file and display it.
        // Remember that the file might have other lines if it already existed.
        var sr : StreamReader = new StreamReader( fi.OpenRead() );

        while (sr.Peek() != -1)
            Console.WriteLine( sr.ReadLine() );

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