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SqlCeDataReader.Seek Method

Note: This namespace, class, or member is supported only in version 1.1 of the .NET Framework.

Places the SqlCeDataReader on the record with indexed values that match the specified parameters.

[Visual Basic]
Public Sub Seek( _
   ByVal dbSeekOptions As DbSeekOptions, _
   ByVal ParamArray index() As Object _
public void Seek(
 DbSeekOptions dbSeekOptions,
   params object[] index
public: void Seek(
 DbSeekOptions dbSeekOptions,
 Object* index __gc[]
public function Seek(
   dbSeekOptions : DbSeekOptions,
 index : Object[]



Return Value


Exception Type Condition
SqlCeException The value was not found, or other error.


This method is intended to be a faster alternative to a SELECT statement for retrieving a row from a base table. Instead of a WHERE clause in a SELECT statement, Seek can be used to quickly retrieve a row based on its index value. For example, to retrieve an employee with an employee ID of 5, you could execute a SELECT statement, but using Seek with a value of 5 on the employee ID index will greatly improve performance.

Seek can only be used when CommandType is set to TableDirect, CommandText is set to a valid base table name, and IndexName is set to a valid index name on the specified base table.

After using Seek, SqlCeDataReader will return the remaining rows in their index order. When Seek is used on a SqlCeDataReader that has a range specified by SetRange, Seek will only position on rows within the range. For more information, see the "IRowsetIndex::Seek" topic in the OLE DB documentation.


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