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Extracts the leftmost nCount characters from this CStringT object and returns a copy of the extracted substring.

CStringT Left(
   int nCount
) const;


The number of characters to extract from this CStringT object.

A CStringT object that contains a copy of the specified range of characters. The returned CStringT object may be empty.

If nCount exceeds the string length, then the entire string is extracted. Left is similar to the Basic Left function.

For multi-byte character sets (MBCS), nCount treats each 8-bit sequence as a character, so that nCount returns the number of multi-byte characters multiplied by two.

// typedef CStringT<TCHAR, StrTraitATL<TCHAR, ChTraitsCRT<TCHAR>>> CAtlString;

CAtlString s(_T("abcdef"));
ASSERT(s.Left(2) == _T("ab"));   

Header: cstringt.h

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