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Data Type Mappings

These data-type mappings are defined in TCHAR.H and depend on whether the constant _UNICODE or _MBCS has been defined in your program.

For related information, see Using TCHAR.H Data Types with _MBCS Code.

Generic-Text Data Type Mappings

data type name
_MBCS not


_TCHAR char char wchar_t
_tfinddata_t _finddata_t _finddata_t _wfinddata_t
_tfinddata64_t __finddata64_t __finddata64_t __wfinddata64_t
_tfinddatai64_t _finddatai64_t _finddatai64_t _wfinddatai64_t
_TINT int int wint_t
_TSCHAR signed char signed char wchar_t
_TUCHAR unsigned char unsigned char wchar_t
_TXCHAR char unsigned char wchar_t
_T or _TEXT No effect (removed by preprocessor) No effect (removed by preprocessor) L (converts following character or string to its Unicode counterpart)

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