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EApplication_ColorSchemeChangedEventHandler Delegate

Office 2010

A delegate for an event in the corresponding object. After you implement a callback method for the event, use this delegate to connect the callback method to the event.

Occurs after a color scheme is changed.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint (in Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint.dll)

public delegate void EApplication_ColorSchemeChangedEventHandler(
	SlideRange SldRange


Type: Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint.SlideRange
The range of slides affected by the change.

Actions which trigger this event would include actions such as modifying the color scheme of a slide or slide master, or applying a template.

To access the EApplication_Event events, declare an Application variable in the General Declarations section of your code. Then set the variable equal to the Application object for which you want to access events.

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