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SharePoint User Profiles JavaScript Reference (sp.userprofiles.js)

SharePoint 2013

Interact with feeds, follow people and content, and access user profiles from custom apps for SharePoint and SharePoint solutions by using the JavaScript object model in SharePoint 2013.

The SharePoint User Profiles JavaScript object model is defined in the SP.UserProfiles.js library, located in the path %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\15\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\.

Note Note

In the SharePoint User Profiles JavaScript Reference, the following items are removed because they're intended for internal-use only:

  • SP.Microfeed namespace. Use the API in the SP.Social namespace to access feed-related functionality.

  • SocialPostDefinitionData object, SocialPostDefinitionDataItem object, and SocialPostDefinitionDataItemType enumeration in the SP.Social namespace

  • Followed API and the ProfileImageStore object in the SP.UserProfiles namespace. Use the API in the SP.Social namespace to access following-related functionality.

  • Internal constructors

  • initPropertiesFromJson methods, writeToXml methods, childItemType properties, and typeId properties

  • <Object> PropertyNames objects and <Object>ObjectPropertyNames objects

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