Binding.bindingSelectionChanged event (JavaScript API for Office v1.1)

JavaScript API for Office v1.1

Occurs when the selection is changed within the binding.

Last modified: June 12, 2014


To add an event handler for the BindingSelectionChanged event of a binding, use the addHandlerAsync method of the Binding object. The event handler receives an argument of type BindingSelectionChangedEventArgs.

In version 1.1 of Office.js, you can now add and remove event handlers for the SelectionChanged event in content apps for Access.

function addEventHandlerToBinding() {"bindings#MyBinding").addHandlerAsync(Office.EventType.BindingSelectionChanged, onBindingSelectionChanged);

function onBindingSelectionChanged(eventArgs) {
    write( + " has been selected.");
// Function that writes to a div with id='message' on the page.
function write(message){
    document.getElementById('message').innerText += message; 

App types

Content apps, Task pane apps

Supported clients

Access app for SharePoint, Excel 2013, Excel 2013 SP1, Excel 2013 RT, Excel Online, Word 2013, Word 2013 SP1, Word 2013 RT





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