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Filtering and Specifying Fields in a View

You can specify which Outlook item properties are displayed in a view by adding one or more properties to the ViewFields collection of any of the following objects:

BusinessCardView , CalendarView, IconView, and TimelineView objects use other methods of determining which Outlook item properties are displayed within the view.The fields displayed for the BusinessCardView object, for example, are determined by the Electronic Business Card (EBC) layout associated with each displayed Outlook item.

The ViewFields collection for those views can be retrieved by calling the ViewFields property of the appropriate view object. The Add method of the ViewFields collection is used to create a ViewField object that represents the Outlook item property to be displayed in the view.

A ViewField object not only identifies an Outlook item property to display within the view, but also describes how the values for that property should be displayed. You can change how properties are displayed in a view.

Outlook items can be filtered in any view derived from the View object by specifying a DAV Searching and Locating (DASL) filter expression in the Filter property of the View object. For more information about creating a DASL filter expression with which to filter Outlook items, see Filtering Items.

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