Folder.StoreID Property (Outlook)

Returns a String indicating the store ID for the folder. Read-only.

Version Added: Outlook 2007

expression .StoreID

expression A variable that represents a Folder object.

This Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) example obtains the EntryID and StoreID for the default Tasks folder and then calls the NameSpace.GetFolderFromID method using these values to obtain the same folder. The folder is then displayed.

Sub GetWithID() 
 Dim myFolder As Outlook.Folder 
 Dim myEntryID As String 
 Dim myStoreID As String 
 Dim myNewFolder As Outlook.Folder 
 Set myFolder = Application.Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderTasks) 
 myEntryID = myFolder.EntryID 
 myStoreID = myFolder.StoreID 
 Set myNewFolder = Application.Session.GetFolderFromID(myEntryID, myStoreID) 
End Sub


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