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Document.AttachedTemplate Property (Word)

Published: July 16, 2012

Returns a Template object that represents the template attached to the specified document. Read/write Variant.

expression .AttachedTemplate

expression A variable that represents a Document object.

To set this property, specify either the name of the template or an expression that returns a Template object.

This example displays the name and path of the template attached to the active document.

Set myTemplate = ActiveDocument.AttachedTemplate 
MsgBox myTemplate.Path & Application.PathSeparator _ 
 & myTemplate.Name

This example inserts the contents of the Spike (a built-in AutoText entry) at the beginning of document one.

Set myRange = Documents(1).Range(0, 0) 
Documents(1).AttachedTemplate.AutoTextEntries("Spike") _ 
 .Insert myRange

This example attaches the template "Letter.dot" to the active document.

ActiveDocument.AttachedTemplate = "C:\Templates\Letter.dot"

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